Chazon is a Chizuk Kerovim organisation providing classes, seminars and events for the frum Kehilla to be strengthened in our אמונה and closeness to Yiddishkeit.

During these challenging times when we are unable to present shiurim in a public setting or run any of our trips we are reaching out to the Kehilla online and over the phone to maintain our programme as best as we can bezH.

Meet the Team

  • Rabbi Shimshon Silkin

    Rabbi Shimshon Silkin, Director of Chazon, former Rov of Borehamwood Shul and lecturer for Seed, has been teaching Emunoh and Hashkofoh to thousands of teenagers and adults in the USA and the UK for over 20 years.

  • Rabbi Yonason Roodyn

    Rabbi Yonason Roodyn is the Educational Director of Jewish Futures. He is also the Rov of Finchley Federation, editor of the Oneg weekly and member of the ShailaText team, has vast experience in teaching Hashkofoh and leading educational tours to sites of Jewish interest around the world.

  • Rabbi Avrohom Hecksher

    Rabbi Avrohom Hechsher, Rosh Kollel of the Kollel Hachodosh in Golders Green, is a talmid chochom of note and a highly regarded Maggid Shiur.

  • Rabbi Mendy Chissick

    Rabbi Mendy Chissick is an incredibly popular and experienced high school Maggid Shiur and a sought-after speaker throughout the Kehilla.


Questions and issues concerning Hashkofoh can be addressed in confidence to




t: +44 (0)20 8457 2112
a: Chazon, 379 Hendon Way, Hendon, London, UK, NW4 3LP